SFTP and FTP and Mac OSX Leopard

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Feb 4 15:28:02 EST 2009

Jim Ault wrote:

> I am trying to outline the feasibility and drawbacks to using a Mac mini
> with a static IP located in a DMZ as an FTP server and/or an SFTP server.
> (The  Mac mini is running both OSX 10.5 and Win XP Pro, but the XP Pro is
> not reachable from the outside)
>  The main idea is to use SFTP with Rev as a client.
> The simplest would seem to be to use the built-in server software that is
> part of the Darwin install.
> I would like to spend a little time figuring out the details then publish
> something to the list that would be an over-view and a step-by-step.
> (perhaps a couple YouTube videos showing the process and Rev scripts)

Please do share what you find.  With 110 votes for Secure FTP at the 
RQCC the info would be quite valuable here.

Request for Secure FTP

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