How to test if a field does not contain anything else than returns or tab ?

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Tue Feb 3 15:24:33 EST 2009


Score one for modernity. That spaces in Rev can be itemdelimiters is clean 
and logical, and obviates the whole issue.

I have replaced spaces now and then in HC with both visible and invisible 
chars to emulate a space/word delimiter. I was among the camp in the HC thread 
that considered it a demi-bug. And I do see the logic behind having the number 
of words be spaces independent.

Craig Newman

In Rev, using space as an itemdelimiter works as you'd expect:

set the itemDel to space
put the number of items in "a b c" -> 3
put the number of items in "a   b c" -> 5

However, the "word" function will still only return the actual number of

put the number of words in "a     b c" -> 3

which is generally what we want.

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