Subject: Drawing a curved shape - 2nd attempt

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Feb 2 16:30:07 EST 2009


Both Richard and Brian are longtime *contributing* community members. But it
wasn't always so. At one time, both of them and many of us were like you--
new to Rev. Of course there were frustrations, but many people on this (and
it's previous incarnation) list stopped what they were doing to help out in
a constructive manner. That is what is meant by contributing.

Richard has hosted on his nickel for as long as I can
remember. His articles on the message path and scripting style guide have
helped many here-- including myself (thanks Richard!). Brian has written
numerous externals and is a 'go to' expert who gladly provides free and
accurate advice to others.

It's was clear to me upon reading Richard's first reply to Andrew's
question, he was only helping. Furthermore, having been here awhile, I also
know Andrew and Richard have had a relationship, and in no way was Richard
being an 'Attack Dog' towards him. Of course, you being rather new would not
know that. Sometimes, it's better to observe than insert oneself into the
middle of a process when you don't understand the dynamics.

It's clear to me Randall, you need to have the last word here. You might ask
Dave how it worked out for him last week. I recommend you quit calling
people names and try and behave like a *contributing* community member.

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