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Sun Feb 1 23:52:38 EST 2009

On Feb 1, 2009, at 10:52 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

>  The
> way I can find the temp files is by using the Finder's search  
> facility.

> [ BTW, the only reason I even know about the temp files is years ago  
> before
> there even was Revolution and OS X, I was able to recover a MetaCard  
> project
> that mysteriously disappeared from my drive at 2AM, the morning  
> before the
> project was due.  I used Norton Utilities to search for any related  
> files to
> my project, found the temp files (which are the result of every save  
> of the
> file), and figured out I had an unintentional backup of several  
> iterations
> of my file.  Those temp files saved my butt. ]

If I use:
put specialFolderPath("Temporary")

I get the following:


Maybe the file might be found in there? If you cannot actually see it  
or access it PERHAPS you might be able to copy it or read/write the  

Also, if I request a Temp file name by using:  put the tempName
I will get: /private/var/folders/-N/-NvTgUlu2RqtP++BYqw1d++++TI/ 

Maybe I would be able to add the filename to that path and either copy  
or read/write the file?

Clearly my suggestions are a shot in the dark - but that happens to be  
where you unfortunately are  ;-)


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