Strange cursor behavior on several fields

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Feb 1 18:22:51 EST 2009

Sarah Reichelt wrote:

> Is it just me (or Gmail) or does everyone get William's scripts with
> keywords surrounded by "*"?
> It makes it difficult to copy & paste them for testing...

I see it too. If I remember right, the asterisks are the ASCII way of 
indicating bold text, and my email client does show those keywords in 
bold. Since the list strips everything down to plain ASCII, maybe 
William is posting HTML text with bolded keywords?

> Anyway, I am actually surprised that the script compiles & runs, since
> I had no idea you could use multiple then's the way you do.

Me too, I noticed it right off. I was going to suggest removing those to 
see it it matters but I didn't get around to testing the script. I'm 
very surprised it works.

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