Recover from Temp?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Feb 1 14:21:16 EST 2009

Scott Rossi wrote:

> When something goes wrong while saving a stack, Rev creates a backup file
> with the hope being one can recover work from the backup.  I think these are
> the same files files, but when a save executes successfully, something is
> done to them so they don't show up normally in the Finder.

You're right, these are temporary backup stacks. They are created in the 
same directory as the original stack, and when a save is successful they 
are supposed to be deleted from the hard drive. I've never seen dimmed 
icons like you describe so I'm not sure what's going on. But on a guess, 
maybe you could just ask Rev to open the file.

If you see a dimmed icon in the Finder called "test.rev~" you should be 
able to determine the file path either by checking the directory 
drop-down menu in the Finder window, or by assuming it is in the same 
folder as the original "test.rev" stack. Then in the message box:

  put there is a file "/folder/folder/test.rev~"

If that's true, then you should be able to open the file directly:

  go stack "/folder/folder/test.rev~"

And then you can do a Save As to a known location.

If the result of the existence check is false, then the Finder is trying 
to display a file that no longer exists, and I'm not sure how that could 
happen. The backup file isn't supposed to exist, assuming the original 
save went smoothly, so that part's right. I wonder if the Finder 
directory has somehow become confused.

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