Drawing a curved shape - 2nd attempt

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Sun Feb 1 01:12:34 EST 2009

Recently, Randall Reetz wrote:

> This is a big problem with xtalk environments... they have not in general kept
> pace with the modernization of graphics capabilities.

This is true, but then again, how many xtalk environments are flourishing
these days?  If one wants to do do slick graphics, an xtalk is not the first
place they'll turn.  It's Flash or something similar.  Revolution only
recently got antialiasing, and even that doesn't work quite right.  But it's
a step.

> For those of us using xtak to do prototypes, this is especially catistrophic.
> How is one to design for the future if our tools pull us so far into the past.
> Ever try, for instance to mock up a modern iphone app in xtalk... Good luck.
> And what of things beyond the iphone?

IMO, the key features you need to create the above are 1) alpha
transparency, and 2) gradient support, both of which are now available in
Rev.  Ignoring those, PNG support has been strong in Rev for a while now --
the image object is your friend.  Create PNG images in the image editor of
your choice and import.  In my case, if it wasn't for PNG support, I doubt
there would much reason for me to use Rev at all.

But to your point, better graphic support will be key, and soon, given the
promises of Microsoft and Apple to move toward resolution independence and
scalable vector driven graphics systems.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design

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