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Thu Dec 31 18:07:26 EST 2009

Thomas McGrath III wrote:
> That is much less painful for sure, by an order of magnitude.
> I didn't know that the iRev environment can save it self as a stack? Is 
> that right?

No, I think Jim was talking about when you use a regular stack. But for 
the record, I use the template approach in almost all the web work I do. 
If you're using an irev page, then instead of storing the template as a 
stack property, store it as a text file on the server and retrieve it 
from there. I do that with the old-style CGIs too.

> And then of course if it is true then the custom props is possible too 
> then?

Nope. An irev page is just text. But I really liked his idea about using 
single quotes, too. I forgot that html honors those, and it would make 
my life a lot easier if I use them.

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