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Wed Dec 30 20:49:27 EST 2009

Hi Bernard,

Thanks for the clarification. The barcode issues were not meant to be  
solved by the bundle :-). In any case, your input comes at the right  
time, as I am looking for a solution for my near future needs of  
creating barcodes. I will see which of the PRO softwares will be best  
for this particular purpose, as I don't only want to print pdf417s,  
but also read them and integrate them into the software I'm the  
process of creating. Any further feedback, suggestion and such are  

Happy new year,

On Dec 30, 2009, at 11:46 AM, Bernard Devlin wrote:

> Leonardo,
> In case you are planning on your MegaBundle 09 solving your barcode
> issues.  AFAIU
> a) it contains Quartam Reports (not Quartam Reports Professional,
> which has the barcode support)
> b) it contains Valentina 3.4 OS X & Windows - I belileve to get the
> free Valentina Reports you need to actually be buying/upgrading ADK
> through the Valentina website (or maybe through Mirye, etc).
> I don't mean to denigrate the MegaBundle, only to warn that it may not
> be the solution to your problem.
> Bernard

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