put shell() and escaping quotes, how to do this?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Wed Dec 30 12:23:30 EST 2009


echo "hi how are \"you\""
--> hi how are "you"

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Op 30 dec 2009, om 18:16 heeft Peter Alcibiades het volgende geschreven:

> How do you put quoted strings into a shell command?
> As in, for instance,
> 	put shell("echo -e [quoted string] > [some raw printer]")
> I have tried using double quotes, which the compiler won't accept, and
> single quotes, which do not seem to be passed through.  This is once  
> again
> in pursuit of sending hex characters to a port, so the command from  
> the
> shell would be:
> 	echo  -e "\x1C\x70x1"
> which works just fine, but when sent to the printer using put  
> shel(), it
> prints the characters which are supposed to be sending a control  
> message.
> The solution I have found is to use cat > file, which works.  But  
> the other
> should work as well surely?
> Peter

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