What cell in the data grid was clicked?

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> On Dec 28, 2009, at 11:48 PM, James Hurley wrote:
>> The user clicks on a data grid cell.
>> What variables determine the row and column numbers of the cell?
> Jim,
> Each row in a Data Grid form/table and each column in a Data Grid
> table have custom properties that help you determine this information.
> Note that you use names to reference columns rather than numbers
> however. These properties include the dgLine or dgIndex and the
> dgColumn.
> I just updated the "How Do I Get Data Associated With a Row or
> Column?" lesson in the manual to provide some more useful examples.
> How Do I Get Data Associated With a Row or Column?: <http://lessons.runrev.com/spaces/lessons/manuals/datagrid/lessons/7313-How-Do-I-Get-Data-Associated-With-a-Row-or-Column-
>> And the text of the cell?
> The lesson also shows how to get the value associated with a cell
> using GetDataOfIndex. Look at the very last step in the lesson.
> Regards,
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Thanks once again. The  GetDataOfIndex  was the function I needed.

Unfortunately I am trying to learn data grids the way I learned the  
rest of RunRev, by applying the "Necessity is the mother of discovery"  
There are too many bits and pieces of the data grid control for this.  
I need to exercise the discipline to go through your excellent  
tutorials. Sounds like a new year's resolution to me.


Jim Hurley

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