Help with audio

Emmett Gray film2 at
Tue Dec 29 13:11:04 EST 2009

Opie here. I wrote:

>file ... sounds fine in Rev if I access it instead of the imported one.

I.e., playing the file in Rev by filepath results in the correct 
sound. So what's going on? Is QT actually doing the playing of 
external audio even though I'm not calling up the player, or is it 
the OS's native audio management? BTW the sound is not compressed, 
it's a standard mono WAV file, a sculptured click sampled from a 
CueLine ProCue 1M1.

I converted it to 16 bit and reimported into the stack and it's OK 
now. Just to be sure, I reimported the 24-bit version and got the 
same original result. So it seems Rev chokes on 24bit audio.

>Try using the player and quicktime and the file as an external source (set
>the filename of player 1 to xxxx) as opposed to being imbedded. Quicktime
>should properly handle 24 bit audio, but not sure about the native play
>If you need to imbed the sounds, then convert and dither the 24 bit files
>down to 16 bits with the same sample rate.   Peak, Sound Studio, Audacity,
>quicktime should do this. Monkey Tools can do this in batches.
>If indeed the internal play command is 16 bit only we should know that.
>Thanks for reporting this.
>Stephen Barncard
>San Francisco
>2009/12/28 Emmett Gray <film2 at>
>>  I've converted another HC stack, a multi-timer which includes a metronome
>>  function. I'm having an issue with the audio: the "Click.wev" imported
>>  audioClip sounds awful and very often sounds different or has no sound at
>  > all. The original is a 48k 24-bit file and sounds fine in Rev if 
>I access it
>  > instead of the imported one. I imported it using the import command. Do I
>>  need to downsample or change the bit rate or do something else before
>  > importing to make it sound OK in Rev?

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