Imagesource of char not working as expected in Windows

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Tue Dec 29 13:09:01 EST 2009

Based on your test it looks like the comment about "vanilla characters" is
probably correct.  It works when using a string with no spaces for the
directory.  When you setup your string you used   put "C:\Documents and
Settings\zhangt\Desktop\imgFolder" into k

For the real directory you wish to use change it to this.
  put quote & "C:\Documents and Settings\zhangt\Desktop\directory with
spaces\ another with spaces" & quote into k

> The following script works in a standalone created on Windows XP and
> running on Windows XP.
> on mouseUp
>   put "~" after fld "aFld"
>   put "C:\Documents and Settings\zhangt\Desktop\imgFolder" into k
>   set the defaultFolder to k
>   set the imageSource of last char of fld "aFld" to "binfile:a.png"
> end mouseUp
> Perhaps something gets undone when the script travels through the wormhole
> from the Mac universe to the Windows universe. Does Dr. Who frequent this
> forum?

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