Imagesource of char not working as expected in Windows

Michael Kann mikekann at
Tue Dec 29 10:36:38 EST 2009

The following script works for me on Windows XP Pro in a stack. I'll build a standalone and see what happens.

on mouseUp
   put "~" after fld "aFld"
   put "C:\Documents and Settings\zhangt\Desktop\imgFolder" into k
   set the defaultFolder to k
   set the imageSource of last char of fld "aFld" to "binfile:a.png"
end mouseUp

The image is only the height of the char it replaces. 

Can I assume that your first concern is to get something working rather than figuring out what might be wrong?

E-mail off-list any time. I'm trying to learn RunRev and it's fun to learn together.

--- On Tue, 12/29/09, David Glasgow <david at> wrote:

> From: David Glasgow <david at>
> Subject: Re: Imagesource of char not working as expected in Windows
> To: use-revolution at
> Date: Tuesday, December 29, 2009, 6:18 AM
> I didn't get any on-list responses to this, but got  a
> good steer from Richmond Mathewson (thanks!) off-list.
> In brief, my standalone (RR 4.0) takes screenshots and
> saves them to disk.  They are also displayed in a field
> by appending a tilde to the field each time a snapshot is
> taken, and then setting the imagesource of the character to
> the url to which the image was saved.
> This works under OS X, but not Windows.  I have
> wrestled with this and found out a little more, but still
> can't get the darned thing to work.  I moved the save
> location to docs, just in case there was something weird
> about the temporary items location.  I have tested on
> Vista and Win 7 with the same result.
> The snapshots are saved to a location such as
> C:/Users/DavidG/Documents/This_Much!/Anon 12 28 08 [11-36
> AM]/graphics/image1.png
> C:/Users/DavidG/Documents/This_Much!/Anon 12 28 08 [11-39
> AM]/graphics/image2.png
> A field called "snapshots" holds the list of URLs and is
> used like this:
> set the imageSource of char 1 of last line of field
> "resultsG" to line 1 of field "snapshots"
> In each case this script runs, the tilde disappears but is
> not replaced by anything.  The imagesource of each
> tilde is correctly reported if requested.  The fixed
> line height of the results field is set to false, and it has
> scrollbars.  However many URLs are referenced, but do
> not appear, the scrollbar never becomes active, so it seems
> that no 'blank' image is being displayed.  Setting the
> imagesource of any tilde to empty causes it to reappear, so
> something is happening to hide/show the character.
> I also use the URLs stored in field "snapshots" to print
> the graphics using this script to populate a printer stack
> with the images:
>  put 1 into k
>    repeat for each line j in field
> "snapshots"
>       set the filename of image "pikcha" of
> card k of stack "grcprinter" to j
>       put k+1 into k
>    end repeat
> This works fine, so unless there is some Windows Ju-Ju I
> don't know about (entirely possible) it really does look as
> though something is broken in imagesource under
> Windows.  
> Can anyone:
> 1/  Suggest where I am going wrong (if I am)
> 2/  Confirm that they do or do not have imagesource
> working under Windows
> 3/  Suggest a workaround
> This is a critical feature in an almost finished project ,
> so I would really appreciate some help
> David Glasgow
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