Imagesource of char not working as expected in Windows

David Glasgow david at
Tue Dec 29 07:18:20 EST 2009

I didn't get any on-list responses to this, but got  a good steer from Richmond Mathewson (thanks!) off-list.

In brief, my standalone (RR 4.0) takes screenshots and saves them to disk.  They are also displayed in a field by appending a tilde to the field each time a snapshot is taken, and then setting the imagesource of the character to the url to which the image was saved.

This works under OS X, but not Windows.  I have wrestled with this and found out a little more, but still can't get the darned thing to work.  I moved the save location to docs, just in case there was something weird about the temporary items location.  I have tested on Vista and Win 7 with the same result.

The snapshots are saved to a location such as

C:/Users/DavidG/Documents/This_Much!/Anon 12 28 08 [11-36 AM]/graphics/image1.png
C:/Users/DavidG/Documents/This_Much!/Anon 12 28 08 [11-39 AM]/graphics/image2.png

A field called "snapshots" holds the list of URLs and is used like this:

set the imageSource of char 1 of last line of field "resultsG" to line 1 of field "snapshots"

In each case this script runs, the tilde disappears but is not replaced by anything.  The imagesource of each tilde is correctly reported if requested.  The fixed line height of the results field is set to false, and it has scrollbars.  However many URLs are referenced, but do not appear, the scrollbar never becomes active, so it seems that no 'blank' image is being displayed.  Setting the imagesource of any tilde to empty causes it to reappear, so something is happening to hide/show the character.

I also use the URLs stored in field "snapshots" to print the graphics using this script to populate a printer stack with the images:

 put 1 into k
   repeat for each line j in field "snapshots"
      set the filename of image "pikcha" of card k of stack "grcprinter" to j
      put k+1 into k
   end repeat

This works fine, so unless there is some Windows Ju-Ju I don't know about (entirely possible) it really does look as though something is broken in imagesource under Windows.  

Can anyone:

1/  Suggest where I am going wrong (if I am)
2/  Confirm that they do or do not have imagesource working under Windows
3/  Suggest a workaround

This is a critical feature in an almost finished project , so I would really appreciate some help

David Glasgow

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