Pointers to Quicktime videos in Revlets

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Fri Dec 25 16:19:02 EST 2009

Tim Lambert wrote:
> Hi Could anyone point me to a 'How-to' to get QT vids to play from an
> uploaded revlet? The vids are in the same folder as the uploaded
> Revlet, but nowr happens.

That's how I do it. The videos are in the same folder with the revlet, 
then the script references them like this:

set the filename of player 1 to "http://www.domain.com/folder/movie.mov"

I don't use the "file://" syntax, because a revlet is like a local 
stack, and a fully qualified URL is fine as a reference. The "file://" 
designation is only for files you want to retrieve from the user's local 
hard drive, not for those on your server.

Unless it got fixed without my noticing, players in revlets only work 
reliably if the alwaysBuffer property is set to false. That may be the 
issue in your revlet.

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