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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Dec 23 14:49:23 EST 2009

Brian Thomas wrote:
> 21 years after it began If Monks had Macs is ending, as all good media
> things must, with a remake.
> Hi, this is the author of If Monks had Macs. Jacqueline Landman Gay and I
> have been doing a remake of the last volume of Monks in preparation for the
> free release of what may be the longest running multimedia release in
> history. The final version of Monks was released for Windows and Macs with
> Revolution.

Congrats on the new release.

> *** I would like you recommendations of where to upload a free version of a
> 150 megabyte program ***

I have plenty of space and bandwidth to make a section for it at

It would make a nice companion to the making-of article we have there:

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