free Rev game! - free Monks!

Brian Thomas insidepocket at
Wed Dec 23 12:52:35 EST 2009

21 years after it began If Monks had Macs is ending, as all good media
things must, with a remake.

Hi, this is the author of If Monks had Macs. Jacqueline Landman Gay and I
have been doing a remake of the last volume of Monks in preparation for the
free release of what may be the longest running multimedia release in
history. The final version of Monks was released for Windows and Macs with

*** I would like you recommendations of where to upload a free version of a
150 megabyte program ***

You can download the remake of our philosophical game, Killing Time, here:

Please report any bugs, problems or praise back to us here in this thread.

I don’t know if a game about death is really in the Christmas spirit, but
you can’t argue with the “free” part.

Killing Time is beautifully illustrated, quick and deep.

Brian Thomas

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