button - ID number - image object - filename - folder of pngs and jpgs

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Wed Dec 23 04:55:31 EST 2009

Recently, jim sims wrote:

> I've inherited some stacks that use the following method to display
> icon images for lots of buttons on OS X.
> ... 
> My problem is when I make a standalone. The first time the standalone
> is run, none of the images (as explained above) appear in the buttons.
> However, the second time I open the standalone it all seems to work
> fine, all images appear as desired.

Is there some routine present that sets the defaultFolder or similar to an
alternate path at startup or shutdown?

Maybe try explicitly setting the defaultFolder yourself at startup.  Or
maybe run a loop that resets the filename of each image that has an external
link.  Something like:

 repeat with N = 1 to number of imgs of this cd
    put fileName of img N into origPath
    set fileName of img N to empty
    set fileName of img N to origPath
 end repeat


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