button - ID number - image object - filename - folder of pngs and jpgs

jim sims sims at ezpzapps.com
Tue Dec 22 12:05:43 EST 2009

I've inherited some stacks that use the following method to display  
icon images for lots of buttons on OS X.

A separate card in the stack contains hundreds of image objects, each  
of these have a filename set to a unique image which resides in a  
folder. For example, one such filename is     ./Images/PageTitles/ 

These image objects are then referenced by lots of buttons which set  
their icons to the ID number of the image object on the above  
mentioned 'image card'.

So, the icon ID of a button is set to an image objects ID number but  
that image object gets its image from a file in a folder that sits  
next to the standalone. Phew.

As there are tons of these referenced objects using ID numbers, I am  
hesitant to change the system the person has put into place.

The above system works alright in the IDE if the folder of images is  
placed correctly.

My problem is when I make a standalone. The first time the standalone  
is run, none of the images (as explained above) appear in the buttons.

However, the second time I open the standalone it all seems to work  
fine, all images appear as desired.

If you are still reading this, I am in awe of your patience.   ;-)

What can I do to ensure that all these images work the first time the  
app is opened?


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