iRev How do I manage a different folder full of images

Jim Ault jimaultwins at
Mon Dec 21 18:57:25 EST 2009

Why not build and maintain a catalog of the folders on On-Rev, then  
let it decide what needs to move or go away.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On Dec 21, 2009, at 3:03 PM, Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> The exact numbers are not important yet because I don't know how  
> many will be uploaded (could be thousands).
> So, the best way I know how to describe what I am doing is that the  
> Main folder is used for a pre determined number of images to be  
> viewed on the Main website as "Latest uploads". But I want to mirror  
> them in another folder that can't handle more than 100 at a time  
> since that folder is viewed from a special Mobile site via Pipho/ 
> Jaipho that can't handle downloading more than 100 at a time without  
> a major slow down of download time. BUT I could move new images into  
> the Remote folder IF I move the oldest into another folder until  
> that folder fills up and then I need to do it again when that fills  
> up. etc.
> I don't need them to move per image and was thinking that I can move  
> them based on a chunk of time (week or month) instead - as long as  
> the Remote folders don't have too much more than 100 at a time. I  
> could name the remote folders based on dates etc. This seems best as  
> only the first remote folder would need watched and when it reaches  
> 100 then maybe then I could just dump them all into another folder.

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