RunRev 4 on Mac OS 10.3

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Mon Dec 21 03:32:05 EST 2009

I have just installed Mac OS 10.3 on a spare partition on my G4, followed by
RunRev Studio 4, and everything went extremely smoothly.

Let's hope that the trusty old iMac G3 tray-loader works as smoothly as 

I then built standalones of a basic stack for all the platforms RR 4 offers
(except for the non-functioning Mac OS 9 choice) and everything seemed
perfectly OK.

Gosh; I really did not appreciate the cosmetic differences introduced by
Tiger & Leopard until I saw Panther again!

Oddly enough, I couldn't find anything about minimum Mac system
requirements on the RunRev website.


Having a nasty streak running through me I won't let the opportunity
slip to make noises about the Mac OS "Classic" (what an extremely stupid
misuse of that word) possibilities in the standalone builder:


sort the thing out so that it will build functioning Mac OS 8/9 standalones
(this is what I would like as I have about 6 old Mac PPCs "waiting in 
the wings"
which could be shipped over to Bulgaria from Scotland in the back of my car
next summer to do some useful work rather than sitting in my attic for 
no good
reason at all),


remove the misleading option from the standalone settings stack.

Of course a really generous thing would be for the Mac OS "Classic"
standalone capability to be activated in RevMedia . . . . . .

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