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Sun Dec 20 14:15:08 EST 2009

Aloha, Brian (we're in Hawaii)

No I don't mind messing a bit with JS. Setting aside "value" judgements 
about obtuse nature of the language, it's is clearly a valuable 
technology -- I'm not really trying to "minimize my exposure" its more 
about time, learning curve where my "creative coding" is very much a 
sideline in an otherwise very busy day full of admin and publication 
work. <advocacy>I could go on at length here about how revTalk "slides 
easily" into that mind stream because of its' English like nature and 
squeezing JavaScript or PHP into that mind flow never quite works or 
sticks...(I tried with PHP and just got fed up... such a waste of time 
to get the smallest things done) but that would be a digressing into the 
nature of consciousness as it relates to linguistics and that core value 
of revTalk that is a bit deeper than one might think. i.e. it's not just 
"english like" but is also "dances well with the way you think most of 
your day." </advocacy>

So, thank you! and Sarah too for the JS snippets and if I knew where to 
go to find "more elegant JS functions" related to this I would check it out.

Cheers from Kauai

Brian Yennie wrote:
> If you don't mind messing with a little Javascript, it could be as 
> simple as this:
> <body onLoad="setTimeout('window.location.href = 
> \'http://\' 
> '), 5000)">
> This would go to the next slide in 5 seconds after the current page is 
> loaded. You could of course right more elegant JavaScript functions 
> around this, but if you want to minimize your JavaScript exposure, 
> this one-liner should work. It just creates a 5 second timer, and then 
> changes the URL of the current page.
>> while waiting for the plug-in to settle down ( I can't deploy revlets 
>> until the update function is working)
>> I've been playing with iRev engine.
>> Here's a slide show that uses an iRev template in an iFrame.
>> this code is generated by iRev functions to set up links behind the 
>> previous and next buttons, where the buttons post the next slide and 
>> previous slide numbers and path to the irev page which then returns 
>> the slide with a new set of update buttons. I'm not really worried 
>> about the round trip to the server because the html here is so small, 
>> the CSS (not shown) is cached and you have to fetch the photos 
>> anyway, a little more html text is hardly an issue.
>> Now, I'm wondering if there is a way to make this thing drive itself, 
>> so the user does not have to click the next button, using iRev code.
>> I suspect I can't really do that with iRev but will need some 
>> Javascript (which I don't know at all.)
>> <body>
>> <div id="slideShowStage">
>> <div id="storyTitle">
>>      Word of the Day Background Contributions    </div>
>>     <div id="slide">
>>      <img 
>> src="" 
>> alt="" height="420" width="700" />
>>  </div>
>>  <div id="caption">
>>          </div>
>>  <div id="slideNav">
>>      <a 
>> href=""target="slides-stage"> 
>>          <div class="buttonPrevious"> </div></a>
>>            <a 
>> href="" 
>> target="slides-stage">
>>          <div class="buttonNext"> </div>
>>      </a>
>>  </div>
>>  </div>
>> </body>
>> insights?
>> Sivakatirswami
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