EASY way to add n days to a date?

zryip theSlug zryip.theslug at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 10:04:47 EST 2009

Hi Médard,

You've terribly right. Sorry to have forgot non-english systems.
Thankfully a quick solution exists. By using the useSystemDate
property you'll be able to force RR to use the date settings of your
system. 8) Note that the scope of this property is the current handler

I believe that I was not clear about the calculating itself. To obtain
the last day of a month, you need to pass the first date of the month
as first parameter to the addToDate function.

To make amends here is the function that should be useful regardless
of the language of your system. 8)
Try it and tell us if it works fine for you ;):

on mouseUp
   local lMyDate

   set useSystemDate to true -- Use the system settings instead of the
RR natural english date
   put the date into lMyDate
   answer addToDate(firstDateInMonth(lMyDate),0,1,-1)
end mouseUp

function firstDateInMonth pStartDate
   -- Return the first day in a month
   set useSystemDate to true
   convert pStartDate to dateitems
   put 1 into item 3 of pStartDate
   convert pStartDate to short date
   return pStartDate
end firstDateInMonth

function addToDate pStartDate,pAddToYear,pAddToMonth,pAddToDay
   -- Allows you to manipulate a date in a single pass
   set useSystemDate to true
   convert pStartDate to dateitems
   add pAddToYear to item 1 of pStartDate
   add pAddToMonth to item 2 of pStartDate
   add pAddToDay to item 3 of pStartDate
   convert pStartDate to short date
   return pStartDate
end addToDate

2009/12/20 Medard <liste.revo at medard.on-rev.com>:
> zryip theSlug <zryip.theslug at gmail.com> wrote:
>> An easy trick to know the end date of one month without creating
>> complex script to test the number of days in the months, years
>> leap, etc..
> clever -- but that doesn't work on "foreign" systems
> i.e. non english languages ;-)
> it is still funny to see Revolution to declare some parameter to be "not
> a date" as you prior performed a "put the system" date into fld "xxx"
> ;->
> so, the starting date MUST be an "english" one, I mean a "US" date,
> according to the yyyy/dd/mm scheme
> my "system date" is yyyy-mm-dd
> (avoiding the slash, used in Unix as file/folder delimitor)
> Anyway, after sticking to those caveats, the provided code gives exactly
> what it is intended for, i.e. the date a month minus a day ahead -- not
> the end of the month ;-))

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