Slideshows in iRev

Brian Yennie briany at
Sun Dec 20 01:29:46 EST 2009

If you don't mind messing with a little Javascript, it could be as  
simple as this:

<body onLoad="setTimeout('window.location.href = \'http://http:// 
resources/lexicon/images/backgrounds/&current_slide=13\' '), 5000)">

This would go to the next slide in 5 seconds after the current page is  
loaded. You could of course right more elegant JavaScript functions  
around this, but if you want to minimize your JavaScript exposure,  
this one-liner should work. It just creates a 5 second timer, and then  
changes the URL of the current page.


> while waiting for the plug-in to settle down ( I can't deploy  
> revlets until the update function is working)
> I've been playing with iRev engine.
> Here's a slide show that uses an iRev template in an iFrame.
> this code is generated by iRev functions to set up links behind the  
> previous and next buttons, where the buttons post the next slide and  
> previous slide numbers and path to the irev page which then returns  
> the slide with a new set of update buttons. I'm not really worried  
> about the round trip to the server because the html here is so  
> small, the CSS (not shown) is cached and you have to fetch the  
> photos anyway, a little more html text is hardly an issue.
> Now, I'm wondering if there is a way to make this thing drive  
> itself, so the user does not have to click the next button, using  
> iRev code.
> I suspect I can't really do that with iRev but will need some  
> Javascript (which I don't know at all.)
> <body>
> <div id="slideShowStage">
> <div id="storyTitle">
>      Word of the Day Background Contributions    </div>
>     <div id="slide">
>      <img src=" 
> " alt="" height="420" width="700" />
>  </div>
>  <div id="caption">
>          </div>
>  <div id="slideNav">
>      <a href=" 
> "target="slides-stage">
>          <div class="buttonPrevious"> </div></a>
>            <a href=" 
> " target="slides-stage">
>          <div class="buttonNext"> </div>
>      </a>
>  </div>
>  </div>
> </body>
> insights?
> Sivakatirswami

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