[VOTE] Tool Palette dissapear randomly Report #8500

Jim Ault jimaultwins at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 19 19:14:54 EST 2009

> Wilhelm wrote:
>> On my medium-sized screen there is ample room besides the Rev tools
>> stack to accommodate two open script editor windows side by side, so
>> there is really no need to hide the tools stack in the default
>> preferences settings.

I use the Rev 3.5 IDE editor for my development (single pane, multi- 
Most all of my programming is scripting (and not layout or GUI work),  
so I only need the tool bar on rare occasions.  I prefer it to hide  
when the script editor is open, but always show the message box. (as a  
debugging tool)

The option of individual script editor windows would be *very* nice,
as would split pane controls.
My answer to this is to paste the handler(s) into BBEdit, make  
changes, then paste back into Rev.
This also helps when editing scripts that are on different computers  
that need to communicate with each other.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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