[VOTE] Tool Palette dissapear randomly Report #8500

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Dec 18 17:08:27 EST 2009

Wilhelm wrote:

> What is really gained by hiding the tools palette when the script editor
> comes up - and it seems to me to be not only a matter of preferences,
> but a real bug, that the tools palette does not reappear when closing
> the editor via the close icon?
> Both presently existing defaults are cases where the workflow is
> needlessly interrupted, and could be taken as examples for needlessly
> increasing the complexity of the Rev IDE.

One man's lost productivity is another man's productivity gained. :)

My custom script editor hides palettes when it opens a script because 
those palettes aren't used in scripting and just obscure the scripting 
window I'm now in.

It never occurred to me to add a preference to that (though with only 
about half a dozen users right now it doesn't get much feedback <g>).

I agree that things are best made into prefs when possible, but in this 
case there are two very different modes at play:  most of Rev's tool 
palettes are used in layout tasks, but when scripting you're in a 
different space, both physically in terms of the windows and mentally in 
terms of what you're doing.

So in my own editor I have all sorts of things useful for scripting, and 
everything for layout goes away.

But of course once the script editor is closed or minimized, all those 
layout tools need to come back reliably.

I just briefly tested Rev 4 and when I closed the script editor from the 
close box it brought back the tool palettes.  I may have missed a step 
to reproduce that, and of course if you can post a reproducible recipe 
to the RQCC it should be fixed ASAP (it probably won't take long to do).

But as for the preference, given the very different modes of scripting 
and layout I don't see a problem with having the default be to hide 
anything that might get in the way of scripting once the script editor 
has focus.

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