ANSWER FILE in Rev 4.0.0 problem

Kresten Bjerg Kresten.Bjerg at
Fri Dec 18 10:15:54 EST 2009


I have hit into a new problem, which I had solved in using previous

but seems more complicated in rev.4.0.0(Enterprise)

 I am working with a substack, extending over 3072 x 2304 =  9
different 1024x768 windows


 This complicates the use of ask and answer dialogues, because their loc
is automatically set at the center

 of stack surface, and thus invisible from most windows on the stack

 I have previously solved this problem by programming the ask and answer
dialog stacks to open at 400,400. 

This still works for ask dialogs and answer (folder) dialog.

 But when it comes to answer file (txt) and answer file (app) I hit into
the problem, that they are not using the

 answer dialog of the IDE but those of the systems, respectively mac and

 - and they do not obey my scripting of the answer-dialog.

 I wonder, how this worked before.


Experimenting, I found what looked like a solution: setting the system
File selector property to false,

 I can get a locatable rev built in dialog box.

It is however problematic, because I have to set its default source ,
-but to make the desktop available

 I seem to have to specify something like "Users/krestenbjerg/desktop",
so that wont go for standalones

 to other users"

 I am not too happy to use the rev fileselector at all, so even if their
is a solution to generalizing it

 (it has to be simple, for novices), I am of course hoping for a
solution which will make the  familiar

 well programmed system file selection of Mac and Win operable,

 i e. located at something like 400,400.

Any solutions in sight?




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