A Rev Web Project and On-Rev working together?

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Thu Dec 17 22:59:16 EST 2009

� wrote:
> On 17 Dec 2009, at 04:23, John Patten wrote:
>> Bj?rnke, as for copying the sentence to the clipboard...
>> Is it because the user might have been saving something else on the clipboard and that action replaces what they had previously saved?
> Yes. And deleting the users data is a very bad idea. 


Most of my xTalk work through the years has revolved around building in 
house production applications that do all kinds of "work". In  many 
instances putting data on the clipboard is part of an otherwise tedious 
work flow that, clipping for them saves the user the "burden" of using 
the mouse to hit a button or remove hands from he keyboard to mouse to a 
field and drag of click and shift clic to select text and hitting cmd-C 
prior to switch to another app that needs to have that text pasted into 
to proceed. Additionally it prevent user error where they hit cmd-X by 
mistake and wipe out what they are trying to copy.

My users are *very* appreciative of this added tool selecting text for 
them and consider it a "cool" feature and RunRev gets added points...

Just make sure the users know that this is the behavior. Typically my 
Help or "Getting started" will explain this, and I always put a tool tip 
saying this will happen where the object is that triggers it. And I 
usually have  status field (not a dialog box, which again requires the 
user to interrupt work and dismiss) that indicates: "The member ID you 
need is now on your clipboard" just before activating the other program.

For the most part everyone thinks this behavior is really helpful.

> Have fun
> Bj�rnke

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