Saving standalone substacks

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Dec 17 16:47:57 EST 2009

James Hurley wrote:

> What would be soooo much easier if I would have access to the satellite 
> stack itself. All the data would be intact and I could easily make the 
> changes in the IDE and send it back as a stand alone.
> There would seem to be an advantage to using StackRunner or the RunRev 
> Player in that the satellite stack is still intact and more easily 
> modified.

They all work the same way as a splash stack. When you save a satellite 
stack with new data, it gets altered on disk, no matter what vehicle the 
engine is attached to. There isn't a way around that, except to separate 
the data from the stacks entirely (which is generally the recommended 
approach anyway, for just these reasons.)

> Is there some was in the stand alone to make a clone of the satellite 
> stack, or in some other way recreate the stack as a dot rev and 
> available to the IDE?

You don't really need to. Satellite stacks are just plain rev stacks. 
You can open them at any time in the IDE. They aren't part of the 
standalone, they are just documents sitting in the same folder that the 
standalone engine opens. You can grab them, open them in the IDE, edit, 
and save them back to their permanent location. That's one of the nice 
things about these files.

A standalone is just a copy of the engine with at least one stack 
attached. You can't save data to that attached stack, but if the 
standalone opens a separate stack file (your satellite stacks,) then 
it's exactly like opening it in the IDE, only without the editing tools.

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