Problems with Flashers

Jacques Hausser jacques.hausser at
Thu Dec 17 15:05:05 EST 2009

Hello Richmond,

If xou reduce your script to:

on mouseUp
  palette "XYZ"
end mouseUp

and put

on preOpenStack
put empty in fld "FEELD"
end preOpenStack
in the stack script of "XYZ"

it's just splendidly...


and use the preopenStack in the card script for the original setting...


Le 17 déc. 2009 à 20:33, Richmond Mathewson a écrit :

> [ No, before you ask, not THAT kind . . .  :)  ]
> I have a palette that has to be emptied as it is opened,
> so I have this in the script of the button that opens
> the palette:
> on mouseUp
>   set the lockscreen to true
>   open stack "XYZ"
>   put empty into fld "FEELD" of stack "XYZ"
>   palette "XYZ"
>   set the lockscreen to false
> end mouseUp
> I had hoped that until the lockscreen was set to false
> end-users would see nothing; but, 'tis not so -
> there is a disconcerting flash just after clicking on the button
> where the stack, with the fld's previous contents are
> visible for a split-second.
> Of course I could empty the field prior to closing it
> so that it is sitting empty for the next time it is
> opened (and that is what I shall do - no time like the
> present), but that is not the point.
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