Problems with Flashers

George C Brackett gbrackett at
Thu Dec 17 14:46:54 EST 2009

Would using 'open invisible' on your palette help? That is, open it invisible, clear the field, palette-ize it and then show it?

On Dec 17, 2009, at 2:33 PM, Richmond Mathewson wrote:

[ No, before you ask, not THAT kind . . .  :)  ]

I have a palette that has to be emptied as it is opened,
so I have this in the script of the button that opens
the palette:

on mouseUp
  set the lockscreen to true
  open stack "XYZ"
  put empty into fld "FEELD" of stack "XYZ"
  palette "XYZ"
  set the lockscreen to false
end mouseUp

I had hoped that until the lockscreen was set to false
end-users would see nothing; but, 'tis not so -
there is a disconcerting flash just after clicking on the button
where the stack, with the fld's previous contents are
visible for a split-second.

Of course I could empty the field prior to closing it
so that it is sitting empty for the next time it is
opened (and that is what I shall do - no time like the
present), but that is not the point.

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