PasteKey Bug?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Dec 17 14:31:30 EST 2009

Hi Marty,

Your menuPick handler should call a handler named pasteIt and the  
pasteKey handler should do the same. Your pasteIt handler should do  
exactly the same what currently your pasteKey handler does.

Apparently, sometimes you want to be able to paste and sometimes you  
don't. For this, you need to adjust your pasteIt handler, for example  
something like:

on pasteIt
   if the short name of the selectedField is "Forbidden Field" then
     answer error "Paste not allowed"
   end if
end pasteIt

If this isn't what you're trying to do, please explain more.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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Op 17 dec 2009, om 20:25 heeft Marty Knapp het volgende geschreven:

> Thanks Mark for taking the time to try this,
> I'm on an Intel iMac running OS 10.5.8 and the latest version of Rev  
> Studio. My menuPick handler for Paste is just "paste". This is 100%  
> repeatable for me, so far. Any other thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Marty Knapp

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