HTMLText question

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Thu Dec 17 11:25:09 EST 2009

On 16.12.2009 at 22:06 Uhr -0800 Phil Davis apparently wrote:
>>I'm totally confused. I am not aware that variables have a htmlText
>>property? When I try to access it I keep getting an error message.
>You're right. Variables don't have an "htmlText" property, only 
>fields do. This agrees with the Rev docs description and is the way 
>it really works.
>I think maybe Robert meant "variable DON'T have htmltext property", 
>and was saying you can put the htmlText of a field into a variable, 
>manipulate it, then set the htmlText of the field to the manipulated 
>contents of the variable to display it in rendered form.

Thanx Phil for correction. Yes, indeed, this is what I meant.


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