Can't Paste? (Was copying scripts/Deriving an angle from three points)

dunbarx at dunbarx at
Thu Dec 17 10:27:19 EST 2009

You can't paste? Is it that the pasted text comes over with all its styles? 
(the script editor is filled with color) If so, the size of the mail 
increases dramatically, and it is stopped by Rev's own defences.

I always change copied scripts to plain old text before pasting:

function plainText tText
    repeat for each char theChar in tText
       put numToChar(charToNum(theChar)) after temp
    end repeat
    return temp
end plainText

I set up a functionKey to process anything already in the clipboard. So I 
copy, Fkey and paste.

Or is it something more sinister? I mean, pasting, already. That is like 

Anyone have a better way? You cannot set the textStyle or HTMLText of a 
string in a variable.

Craig Newman

In a message dated 12/17/09 5:16:57 AM, jacques.hausser at writes:

> I cannot copy and paste scripts directly into mails (I don't know why) so 
> I
> >> rewrite them... with bugs !

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