A Rev Web Project and On-Rev working together?

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Thu Dec 17 08:04:13 EST 2009

On 17 Dec 2009, at 04:23, John Patten wrote:

> Bj?rnke, as for copying the sentence to the clipboard...
> Is it because the user might have been saving something else on the clipboard and that action replaces what they had previously saved?

Yes. And deleting the users data is a very bad idea. On my first week of my IT-Apprentice, I was tasked to install something on the mac (mac os 8) of the Boss of the company. I went there, downloaded the installer from the server, ran it, and then moved it to the trash. then i emptied the trash.
The boss was kindly explaining to me that i shouldn't have done that, because his workflow was to trash stuff (same for his real world paper trash), and then reassess if he might need it later on... I was scared shitless at that moment, but with time i found out that he was an easy going chap.

As for your idea of interacting with drupal, can't you access drupal by going to urls, using some kind of third party communication protocol? If not, you can just "fake" the forms, by sending post or put with parameters (similar to your example), to the correct drupal files. I'm sure there's documentation to do that, somewhere on the net.

Have fun


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