Blank Page printed with RevPrintField command

Brent Summerton ___BG___ at
Thu Dec 17 02:55:23 EST 2009

Using a Mac 10.6.2  RevPrintField function prints page within application being design all okay - but not when exported as a standalone application and used on a PC running Vista.  It is only printing a BLANK page then.  

My Script is:
On Mouseup
RevShowPrintDialog true, false
RevPrintField the long id of field "Results"
End Mouseup

I am using the $500 Enterprise 4.0.0 Edition.  When instructed to placed the "answer the result" after the printing commands - It returns a blank dialogue box which does little to help make the cause of error clear.  By the way....  I have checked under General that the print feature is selected to export with standalone windows application.

Is there any format to the field that I should be aware of? Locked/ Unlocked/ Disabled, Font? Is this a glitch when designing on Mac, exporting to Windows standalone?

Brent Summerton.

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