Saving standalone substacks

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Wed Dec 16 23:28:06 EST 2009

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 11:22 AM, J. Landman Gay
<jacque at>wrote:

> Actually, I probably wasn't too clear. All that file path business was
> mostly for opening files, not for re-saving them. Once they're open from
> disk, the engine already knows the path, so "save this stack" is all you
> need.
> Is this true, the Dictionary says, under the save entry:

If you specify a name but not a location, Revolution assumes the file is in
the defaultFolder.

I've always worried, as I do tinker with the defaultFolder, that I might get
myself into a situation where the defaultFolder is not where I think it is
so I always specify the path when saving my app.

> You can get "the filename of this stack" to find out the path on disk
> without any parsing.
> Ah, I love this List. Another line of code eliminated.

> Anyway, this is what I use. It goes into the standalone's mainstack script:
>  function appPath -- path to application folder
>    put the effective filename of me into tPath
>    set the itemdel to slash
>    return (item 1 to -2 of tPath) & slash -- on OS X this is INSIDE the app
> bundle
>  end appPath
> And then when I need to open a satellite stack:
>  go stack (appPath() & "stack1.rev")
>  Actually I see you use the 'effective filename' which I now appreciate
solves any file path issues regarding substacks.


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