Smoothly moving a jpeg

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Dec 16 23:21:37 EST 2009

Recently, Tim Selander wrote:

> Thanks - shortening the changes in distance helped a lot. So it
> appears Rev doesn't visibly move an image, it jumps it to the
> next location.

Well, really any move is a jump to a new location.  In the case of Rev's
move command, a move is based on several factors: moveSpeed, duration, and
overall distance.  The host computer's processing power, and the power of
the graphics card, and monitor refresh can also be issues.  You'll need to
find a balance between the size of the jump and speed at which the jumps
take place.

> If I move the image a pixel at a time, but tighten the loop to 2
> or 3 milliseconds, things get pretty smooth. Now to test the
> reading speed with the on camera talent!

Great -- hope it works out for you.

Best Regards,

Scott Rossi
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