Saving standalone substacks

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Dec 16 17:30:22 EST 2009

James Hurley wrote:

> Things I didn't know:
> 1)  I thought I would be saving to a substack.

Substacks -- the ones embedded into a main stack -- become part of the 
standalone. Executables can't save data to themselves, no matter how 
many stacks they are composed of. So yeah, you need separate stacks on 
disk if you want to save them.

> 2)  I was unaware of the "shutDownRequest" handler.
> Another question or two.
> 1)  How would  "StackRunner" differ from using my own splash screen?
> 2)  How would "Revolution Player" differ from using my own splash screen?

I don't think either of these would be much different. They are both 
basically splash standalones, though Rev's player has a few more 
restrictions I think. But with either of these, you'd need to put your 
saving instructions into each satellite stack, or else into a backscript 
that you insert when your first stack opens. That's because both of 
these are already built standalones, so to add any scripted behavior you 
have to use another stack to store the scripts in.

> 3)  If I use "save" verses "save as..." can I assume that the satellite 
> stack will be saved and the user will not be asked  if he or she wants 
> to overwrite the existing file?

Yes. Actually, you can use "save as" too without bothering the user. 
Both "save stack" and "save stack as <filepath>" just write a file to 
disk. No dialog is presented unless your script puts one up.

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