Newbie Data Grid question

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Wed Dec 16 10:52:22 EST 2009

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> One valuable technique for understanding the DataGrid inner workings.
> In Rev, choose the pointer tool, click on a data grid, then go the
> inspector, choose 'custom properties' from the drop down,
> and now check out the property sets.  You should see dgProps and  
> dgCache
> Note all the properties that have been created when the data grid was
> created.
> Of course you can edit the values here, but you can also change them
> in script lines.
> One bit of confusion for me is that there is no dgText property set
> visible here.  The syntax
> set the dgText [ true ] of group "DataGrid"  to tHeaders
> would logically mean that there would be a custom property set  
> "dgText"
> Interesting if you click on dgProps "row template" you will see:
> group id 1011 of card id 1010 of stack "Data Grid Templates
> 1260751174078"
> least in my version of Rev 3.5
> Hope this helps in your travels.
> Jim Ault
> Las Vegas


Thanks for this. I tried this, hoping for the same insight you  
discovered, but I don't see anything in the custom property set.

Are you looking at the dgProps of the data grid group?


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