VS: How do I construct a scroll bar for stack larger than screen

Kresten Bjerg Kresten.Bjerg at psy.ku.dk
Tue Dec 15 18:31:35 EST 2009

Thank you for good advices. 

I have tried to follow them, but am approaching the view, that it cannot
be done.

Which is a shame, because the users of the cheap mini-notebooks would be
a most relevant target group

 It is a most unusual context : A stack, where the stacksize is 3072 x
2304  =  9  different 1024x768 windows,  

which ideally should each have a vscrollbar. 

    When I select and group all objects in the first window the
resultant group on inspection defines the size of itself as 

...32162 x 32113..(where it should be 1024x768)  and location 16081 x
16037 ( where it should be  0,0,1024,768) !? 

  and in spite of group inspector indicates vertical scroll  visible, no
such scroll appears in the application browser, nor can it be found. 

 In one attempt somehow a "scrollbar1" appeared in the application
browser, but was fixed at the layer I think 782,

 and resisted all attempts at raising it to a higher layer, to ensure
its visibility. 

I guess part of the problem is that the number of layers has reached
1364, and the number of more or less overlapping groups 

(difficult to identify - several  may be unnecessary mistakes )-
allready is  approximately 183.)    

Maybe I should add, that the oversize stack is a substack (meaning that
it can be user-modified in standalones.)


            (I have previously  placed the former  version, -  in rev
user spaces- under my name: Kresten.

If someone could be persuaded to test, whether my endeavour 

(to adapt the application for use on mini-notebooks  with a 1024 x 600

 is impossible, and better should be  given up, I will of course be
happy to mail or upload the latest version).






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