Rev IDE vs MetaCard IDE

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Tue Dec 15 15:00:03 EST 2009

Wilhelm Sanke wrote:
> I do not care too much how the historical icons look, what I care about 
> is the functionality of the Metacard IDE. Above all I like the quickly 
> accessible "Control Browser", which is my main tool during programming. 

I like MC's control browser too. Sometimes I only want to see what's 
immediately available on a card, not the whole hierarchy of objects and 
stacks. And I really like how I can change the layering order of objects 
so easily in MC, from directly within the browser. Sometimes I do want 
to see everything, so then I look at the stack in Rev. Each IDE has 

A couple of things that might make your work in Rev easier:

> - You can have open only one script editor at the same time in the Rev 
> IDE, the Metacard IDE allows any number of open script editors (which 
> simplifies the comparison and editing of scripts)

If you right-click on an editor tab, you can open that script in a new 
window. If you always want new windows and you never want tabs, change 
the option in the Script Editor pane Preferences. That way it acts like MC.

> - If you edit a script and close the editor with the close icon - 
> instead of the compile button - the tools palette (which disappears when 
> you open the script editor) will not re-appear. You have to take a 
> detour now to bring back the tools palette, for instance using the 
> message box.

Change the option in Prefs that specifies whether to hide palettes when 
opening the editor. This is one of the first things I change whenever I 
set up new prefs. I never want palettes or the message box hidden.

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