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What is the control browser? Never seen it...

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 5:44 PM, Wilhelm Sanke <sanke at>wrote:

> I do not care too much how the historical icons look, what I care about is
> the functionality of the Metacard IDE. Above all I like the quickly
> accessible "Control Browser", which is my main tool during programming.
> Also: No interference from front- or backscripts in the IDE.
> The workflow - for my needs - is fast, and this is not only because I am
> used to the MC IDE.
> The Rev IDE has improved considerably and gradually over time. In the
> beginning it was nearly un-usable, especially with stacks that contained a
> larger number of objects, so you had to produce your own tools for specific
> purposes. What I like most of the present Rev IDE is the Dictionary.
> Still, there are points that could be improved. A few examples.
> - Response speed of the Rev IDE is sometimes slow:
>   When the menubar comes up (on a 3 GHz Windows computer), first a blank
> rectangle is shown, after which menuitems and icons apppear.
>   Opening menus is especially slow with cards that contain many controls.
> - You can have open only one script editor at the same time in the Rev IDE,
> the Metacard IDE allows any number of open script editors (which simplifies
> the comparison and editing of scripts)
> - If you edit a script and close the editor with the close icon - instead
> of the compile button - the tools palette (which disappears when you open
> the script editor) will not re-appear. You have to take a detour now to
> bring back the tools palette, for instance using the message box.
> - Using the Property Inspector, which comes up with a noticable delay, and
> accessing the script needs one step more than in the Metacard IDE. But of
> course, using right-click on an object for getting at script and properties
> is the same in both IDEs.
> - Using Rev's Standalone Builder with larger stacks was a nightmare until
> recently (including IDE version 3.5). With some stacks the Standalone
> Builder needed 45 minutes and longer to build the standalone - as opposed to
> one second in the Metacard IDE. Happily this has been fixed now with version
> 4.0, and it should be mentioned that this improvement was initiated and
> supported by a discussion between Oliver Kenyon and Metacard users.-
> The group of Metacard IDE users - all of which are Rev Enterprise license
> holders - are naturally interested in the further improvement and
> development of Revolution (both the engine and the IDE) and some group
> members have made valuable contributions to this development. This is not
> only because the Metacard IDE - in the same way as the Rev IDE - needs and
> uses the Revolution engine (which, by the way, originated from the old
> Metacard engine). New Rev features are usually integrated into the Metacard
> IDE, too. At present there is work in progress to adapt the Metacard IDE to
> the new standalone building process of Rev.-
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