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>Subject: Re: type font size in dictionary
>It's a rev stack, and you can set the default font (of the field the  
>content is shown in) to a larger size... however most of the text has  
>it's own style, and those are set by scripts, so you'd need to go  
>trough the scripts and set them yourself. There's a chance that you  
>change the wrong thing and the ide becomes unusable (i hope you feel  
>warned). And finally, when rev updates the docu stack, your changes  
>might be overwritten.
>The easier way is, to use my bvg docu stack, where you can set text  
>sizes in the settings:

Hello Björnke,
Using dual monitors (one set at a very high resolution), I too would prefer to have documentation displaying larger fonts, but that leads to another question...

Does your document stack replace the original version or can either one be used by choice?

Best regards,
David C.

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