How to prevent unlocking the screen

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue Dec 15 06:58:28 EST 2009

Hi Jacques,

When you copy a resized picture, Revolution may restore the original  
dimensions. Copy the picture first, then resize the new picture, or  
use the imagedata of the old picture to set the imagedata of the new  
picture. If you do the latter, set the dimensions of the new picture  
to formattedHeight and formattedWidth.

I strongly recommend not to use the geometry manager. Instead, write  
your own scripts in a resizeStack handler. This is more reliable and  
gives you more control in situations like these.

Your incomplete scripts don't give me a good impression of what is  
going on, hence I can't tell you why the screen unlocks prematurely.  
Do you have an answer or ask dialogue somewhere? Are you repeating or  
waiting with messages perhaps?

Note that locking the screen doesn't really lock the entire screen and  
not even the entire Revolution interface. It only locks windows, while  
they are redrawn in memory.

In the case of your particular stack, when the resizeStack handler  
runs, all other handlers have finished already, because I don't see an  
explicit call to the resizeStack handler. If a handler containing the  
lock screen command finishes, the screen unlocks. This means that  
screen will unlock before the resizeStack handler runs.

Just a few thoughts. I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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Op 15 dec 2009, om 12:45 heeft Jacques Hausser het volgende geschreven:

> Thanks, Mark. Works for almost everything, except for a copy of a  
> picture (I have the original picture hidden and resized in the  
> background, and a visible copy of it to work on). I tried two  
> solutions
> 1) resize the original picture and recopy it in my changeStackSize  
> command:
> command changeStackSize
>   lock screen
>   -- (computes and sets the new size)
>   resetpicture -- (resizes the original picture and recopy it)
> end changeStackSize
> The picture is not resized... why ?
> 2) catch the resizeStack message and resize the picture from there
> command changeStackSize
>   lock screen
>   -- (computes and sets the new size)
> end changeStackSize
> on resizeStack
>   lock screen
>   revupdateGeometry
>   resetpicture - (resizes the original picture and recopy it)
> end resizeStack
> the picture is resized OK, but you see the two successive steps on  
> the screen...
> Needless to say that resetpicture is the same in both cases...
> Jacques

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