Can a SQL data base update app when there is a change?

Josh Mellicker josh at
Sun Dec 13 17:39:35 EST 2009

I think the best method is to have a datetimestamp column in the remote database, which you then have locally when you do a query. Then, periodically, your app does the same query, but ONY finds records that have a datetimestamp later than the last time you updated (very fast, since the record set will be small). Then update the local records with only the newest updates.

To avoid data conflicts, whenever saving data to the MySQL db, first check the datetimestamp of the remote db, if it is newer than your last update, you will have to resolve the conflict somehow, by showing the user the newly updated remote data and giving them the option to overwrite, or by appending, or some other method.

On Dec 10, 2009, at 2:16 PM, Bill Vlahos wrote:

> I have an app that talks to a MySQL data base. This is fine for posting queries and updating records.
> Is there a mechanism that tells my application when someone else updates the data base? When that happens I want to update the display in my app with the changes. I can do this with periodic queries but it would be much better to have a push system originating from the data base.
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