Scaling Groups?

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Dec 13 02:42:38 EST 2009

Recently, Dick Kriesel wrote:

> Thanks, Scott.  Since you still have almost ninety percent of the time left,
> what do you think of scaling the content of fields using tPercent? That
> could be good when the text is too small for the old reading glasses.

Pretty easy Dick.  Just store the starting textSize in a separate custom
property (ie the uOrigTextSize) and when scaling the field, set the textSize
of the field to the uOrigTextSize of the field times tPercent.  Keep in mind
that text scaling won't be smooth because text size is specified in points,
which are even coarser units than pixels.

You can resize any scalable property of an object as long as you store the
starting settings before scaling.


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