[ANN] tRev Feature Friday: manage your audio clips

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Fri Dec 11 16:43:57 EST 2009

tRev residents and visitors...

Today's video:


New today:
- New column "Clips" appears below Cards in Browser when a stack has  
audio clips
- Clips can be played/stopped (quick key = p), renamed (r) or deleted  

Small changes and enhancements:
- There is a new column button for Stacks, Cards, Controls called  
- While in the Object Browser, typing "r" will let you inline edit an  
object name
- "Snaps" no longer a Column Button; it is now a View menu item (cmd 
- Can now turn on/off Snaps view regardless of active column
- "Save" is no longer a stacks Column Button; now a File menu item (cmd 

Fixes and needed additions:
- Can now print code from the Code Editor (bug fix)
- Can now print object list from the Object Browser's active column  
- Smooth auto-scrolling when dragging to top or bottom of lists

- Auto-scrolling during drag fixed on Handlers list with initial update
- Stacks, Cards, Clips and controls will be updated for this behavior  
this weekend


Jerry Daniels

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