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Jim Ault jimaultwins at
Fri Dec 11 13:36:17 EST 2009

Your library is on my list to study as I journey toward my client's  
I have a couple new ideas (after reading Stephen Barncard's email) and  
digging up some of my own work from 2008.
I think a couple solutions will blossom and I will let you know.

The most valuable part for my project you have answered
    Rev compress(block) > decompress(block) in PHP
... this will allow a remote page to be displayed with code generated  
by Rev templates and data.

Part of the methodology is to generate static page portions from a  
library/database kept on
When these page portions are updated, calls to the remote sites are  
made to utility scripts that accept/decode/store them locally for  
display speed.

Most updates will be info/pages that are appended to the site rather  
than requiring interactive queries or ajax.
I am far more accomplished with Rev than with PHP.

Thanks for the quick reply.

On Dec 11, 2009, at 9:38 AM, David Beck wrote:

> Hi Jim,
> In order to decompress data in PHP that was compressed using Rev you  
> need to strip a few bytes off the start of the data:
>   $decompressedData = gzinflate( substr( $dataCompressedWithRev ,  
> 10 ) );
> However I have not been able to figure out how to go the other way,  
> that is, decompressing data with Rev that was compressed with PHP.  
> If you do determine how to do this please let me know.
> Also, you might find the callPHP library I posted a few weeks ago  
> useful, which allows PHP functions to be called from Rev stacks or,  
> I would imagine, an on-Rev script, although I have not worked with  
> on-Rev. The library is open source so feel free to use it directly  
> or strip it for parts. You can download it from:
> Hope that helps,
> David Beck
> Rotunda Software

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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